Sunday, December 19, 2010

family first~!!!

family first! dats i oways said 2 myself...i put it clearly in mind.. y? family is everything 2 me..n im sure 4 u alls oso rite? hurmm...setiap kali nk wat ape pon kje, i always thinks about my famly..d most important things is, make sure i have their bless...sometimes, i pon majok wit my mummy n abah jgk, mayb bcoz of im quite sensitive..hahaha..yela, im the only gurl n i oways hope dat all d intention is focus on me...but day by day, i realize dat it's is d turn 4 my younger bro lah kan? so as im growing older, i need 2 think about how 2 improve myself lah...cita2 mmg tinggi i oways said 2 myself, buat ape pon utk famly..utk kesenangan abah n mummy...hahaha...even sometime kite rase cm kecik ati wit our parents, no! dont be like dat dear...sebenarnye they really love us...they do it sometimes to protect us..n dont u ever hurt them!! 

"the success is started from home"

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