Sunday, December 19, 2010

it's me~!!!

hai im new here, lets get 2 kno few things bout me.. ;)
dis is me >> i look's like bankers huh? (perasaan)
stdy pon blum hbs..hehe :D act dat time i was having my intern at basf..

dis is where i unimap..hiksssss ;)
degree in international business management..hurm qte difficult i think...
cite2 tinggi menggunung..x saba nk graduated~!!

the most wanted person in my life at unimap is....tadaaaa!!!!

wit da crazy unimaps here~!! hihi..
wlaupon mereng, sye sgt syg mereka~!!

ni plak geng kg dusun yg femes mse kat s.m.k jln bukit dulu..hakksss~~~

we r 2gether untill 2day...the best things is, all of us can be describe as success la..hehe..yeke?
ok 2 la..haha~~

me oso very independent as im the only girl in my family..
accept 4 my mummy, pls feel free to kno me yar~!!

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