Thursday, February 10, 2011

iS iT tImE tO sAy gOoDbYe??

"dat's our answer"

our? means kami sume la...
terbace satu artikel lam FEMALE edisi FEB 2011 nye magazine tgahari td...

"dont think twice when u click 'yes' to a friend request on facebook?
your habit of accepting just any friendship could leave you with unfulfilled and meaningless ones"
- said someone dlm artikel tu...

btol ape yg die kata...
tp kisah kami bkn nye psl kwn dlm facebook or any other social networks..

hal tu, bia kami sume je yg tau..
bce punye bce artikel tu, smpaila kat 1 box yg d highlightkan...
let me share::

iS iT tImE tO sAy gOoDbYe??
- everytime she calls,you cringe before saying a fake 'hello'
- you make up 'plans' so you dont have to do dinner with her. when that fails 
you faint sickness
- when you meet up, she is too busy talking about herself and never ask 
about how are you doing
-she can't be trusted. she's the one who told everyone your secret
- she makes you feel bad about yourself so she can feel good
- when you need help, she's never there. when she needs help,
you're the first one she calls

point yg dhighlightkan tu mmg penting..
so, we have made our decision!
byk bende yg dh berlaku dlm masa 4 sem ni...
cuba jd matang..
don't blame others klau hal yg tak menyenangkan jd pd kite..
try 2 appreciate our friendship..
try 2 love our friend..
don't talk bad about your friend to other people..
bole jd kcau bilau tu...
itulah kisah kami...
until we decide not to care anymore...

p/s:: "True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost." 
- Charles Caleb Colton