Monday, March 14, 2011

~Having my Hard Time here in Perlis.. it is not interesting at all~


hye are you..hehe...ngade taw..

i just finished my Communication Skills assignment and take a break before continue doing another assignment on my Research Methodology subject which i already figured out what title i'm gonna use for this task. it look like an interesting title. i hope so..back to my blog title, what i mean is i'm not saying that my blog is not interesting okay... :p i really hope you all enjoy reading my blog..sangat sangat berharap (dengan muka penuh harapan) what i mean is about my life here in perlis..i hope i can go back to k.l soon. but i stuck here until in the middle of May. i hope that its not really gonna happen. huaarrr...i need to pass my JPJ test so i can go back to k.l as soon as possible after i finished my final exam. yaaahhhhhh!!! the hardest thing is i really miss my mum so much...sometimes feel like soooo downnn... i hope that i can get back my strength and continue my life here as usual.. u go girlllllll!! 2 more assignment to go.. hope can finish within this week... cannot tangguh tangguh lagi lol... that's my goal for now.. hehe (^_^)v

p/s: do i care? no rite?.....haha

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